"Through a shoulder injury, bruised tail bone, and a herniated disk, Eve has simply been the best. None of these injuries were a result of a workout, I've just had a run of bad luck! She has been patient, pushing when needed and backing off when appropriate. Her knowledge about the body is impressive. I am a much stronger, confident person since I began working with Eve. She cares about her clients and makes the task of getting to the 'gym' a pleasure."

"I can't say enough good things about Eve and Fitness by Design. She continues to work with me and around various health issues, designing programs specific for the issue. I always feel better when I leave than when I arrived. Thank you, thank you."

"Fitness by Design is a wonderful place to workout at. Our trainer Eve is a great person to train you. I am not a person who likes to exercise but I look forward to my 5 days a week workouts. Eve is a very thoughtful trainer and is always learning new exercises and helpful ways to help each of us. She trains all ages."

I have been seeing Eve at Fitness by Design for over 2 years. I am not one who loves to go and "work out". Eve has kept me going and now I can't imagine not coming to her studio. I keep telling her to video new clients because they won't believe their improvement. Lots of laughs ensue while we are improving our bodies. I can't believe that I am saying fun in the same sentence as "working out".  
– Cappy

"From the first day you start working with Eve you will be amazed at not only her knowledge of fitness but also her ability to get to know you and your idiosyncrasies. She structures workouts that recognize what you need based on your goals and fitness level. Plus you'll have a great time! She's the best, give it her a try."       
- Kathie

"Eve is flexible and fun to work with.Her programs fit your lifestyle."

"I hate working out, but I look forward to my workouts with Eve. She is very patient, encouraging, and personable! Workouts are nicely varied, and always positive."

"I have never been into working out and Eve has made my workouts so fun and entertaining-she is an excellent instructor and the studio is top in cleanliness, I highly recommend Fitness By Design to anyone who is thinking about working out!"
-Molly T

"Eve makes you want to come back day after day. I haven't worked with her for awhile because of back surgery, but I am chomping at the bit to get back to her studio and her.She makes you feel good about yourself and is always, always positive...she also works your butt off!"