Strength is power...stability is freedom
Fitness By Design opened in Magnolia in 2005. For more than a decade we have been striving to be an inclusive space for of all levels and abilities. It is our mission to help you on a better path to reach your goals.

20% off when you buy 5 sessions!

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Valid for one-on-one personal training sessions. Offer limited to new clients. Ends soon.

Everyone can benefit from working with a personal trainer. The accountability is unsurpassed. 

Are you new to the gym? A structured workout program can instill the proper fundamentals, the basic building blocks of exercise for a beginner.

If you're already a gym rat take advantage of a professional critiquing your form, and have fun learning new twists on old exercises! As a more seasoned athlete you will appreciate the efficiency of a streamlined workout that means gaining the strength that you want without wasting time and energy. 

Are your workouts repetitive and boring? Enjoy letting someone else do the work of creating fun and varied workouts tailored to you.  

Who doesn't need extra motivation? Which of us couldn't use one more person having their back, encouraging them and holding them accountable along the way?!


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